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Tissue Processor-TBS ATP1 Automated Tissue Processor; Floor model


TBS ATP1 Automated Tissue Processor; Floor model

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Brand Name
Triangle Biomedical Sciences
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Item Weight
100  hundredths-pounds

Product Description

Processors tissue; TBS ATP1; Automated; Floor model. A simple touch of the key pad instructs the sophisticated micro-processor which program to use TBS ATP1 Automated Tissue Processor; Floor model. The user friendly V.I.P. Tissue Processor are not only designed for maximum reliability, but they also ensure the ultimate safety of your specimens. The computer monitors of Tissue Processorthe entire process to continuously maintain all parameters under virtually any circumstances. Even in the event of power failure, the system will protect the integrity of your specimens. The TBS ATP1 Automated Tissue Processor Floor model is Comes Complete with Main Controller, One Module, All Required Power and Communications Cables, and a Full Chamber of Reagent Reserviors. Tissue Processor is a computer-controlled, fluid transfer tissue processor with automated fixation, dehydration, cleaning and paraffin infiltration of tissue specimens. It has a fully enclosed system with a reagent storage module that does not allow reagent fumes to vent into laboratory atmosphere when the Hypercenter is in operation.

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5.0 out of 5 stars  Automated Tissue Processor;  
Absolute money saver! Also works for napkins., January 6, 2012
We used to throw away out snotty, bloody, and otherwise unclean used Kleenex and off brand tissues, but now we just put them into this gem of the machine, and, voila, tissues are clean again and ready for use.

We've decided to go with this floor model (indoor use only) rather than a more compact, less powerful and cheaper counter top model. We had the space in the middle of the living room and unnecessary cash, so, why not treat ourselves?

I do the loading, but my wife does the folding and refills tissue boxes, so she takes all the credit for the tissue processing, but I know that the credit really belongs to TBS ATP1.

After a big family Christmas dinner, in my inebriated brain I hatched an idea to try running napkins through he machine. And guess what. What? Like the majority of drunken ideas, it totally worked! That's what! Next step - T.P. I'll post an update when I have my study results formalized and published in Tissue Processing News and World Report.

Even with tissues only, this machine proved to be a real money saver. I calculated the payback period of about 300-400 years, and then it's all profit from there. I apolgize for not being able to provide more accurate numbers, but I did that calculation on a napkin and then it was accidentally processed through the machine.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Automated Tissue Processor; 

You should seriously get this. sometimes after work I use it to process my chicken and steak. WOAH it's good.

Try this is it!

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